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MOR Class 5 Softswitch version X7 released 2015, September 1st

New Features

  • Pcap files/call-flow graphs for troubleshooting for EVERY call in the past
  • Blocked IPs visible from the GUI for easier troubleshooting
  • Dynamic user tariff by provider tariff
  • Blacklist/Whitelist functionality for Source Numbers implemented, which allows to block unwanted Callers by their CallerID
  • Per User Blacklist - Dynamic Blacklisting now supports per User functionality. Internal DB structure is changed to allow set rating rules per User thus giving additional possibilities how to manage your Black Lists.
  • Blocked Rates support which can be imported using Tariff Import
  • Daily credit limit for user – set how much User can talk per day
  • Inform by email when Devices are created or updated
  • Number Pool for Resellers
  • Dynamic Flat-Rates Service (per day/week/month, etc)
  • SMS SMPP Support - now it is possible to send SMS over SMPP protocol (Providers which support SMPP are necessary)
  • HDD Free Space monitoring – every server’s HDD is monitored for free space. When it becomes very low – Administrator receives notifications and it is alerted in the GUI
  • H323 support for Fail2Ban implemented to block attackers over H323 protocol

Extended Features

  • Report engine rework for speed (Aggregates and other reports, expected longest query in less than 15s, most queries in 1-2s, no limitation on date period, users, etc)
  • Flat-Rates – possibility to set rounding/increment (before it was always by 1 second)
  • Cron Action Tariff Change now can change the Tariff in the LCR Location Rules also. Thus allowing more control over the routing
  • Make Retail Tariff from Wholesale Tariff allows to set increment for the new Tariff
  • Payment Notes visible to the Users on their Payments to keep track of/remind them about important information about the Payments
  • Bulk Deletion and Downloading are added into Recordings page. Now recordings can be selected one by one and deleted or downloaded with one button press
  • Active Calls tuned to show proper data for Responsible Accountants
  • Posibillity to Archive only ANSWERED Calls
  • Tariff Import automatically assigns values from CSV file if column header matches value name in second import step. Tariff import will go much faster without selecting columns one by one during each import
  • PBX Pool Number list – page, which shows PBX Pool Extensions/Numbers in one page for convenience
  • PBX Function to Activate/De-activate CallerID by Call. It simplifies CallerID visibility management.
  • Queues for Resellers
  • If setting “Show only assigned Users” is on, Responsible Accountant is able to see just assigned Users in Users List and Calls by Users pages
  • Responsible Accountant now able to see just assigned Users in Last Calls, Archived Calls and Payments pages
  • Accountant Permissions now have editable Read settings for Localization, LCRs, Terminators and Quick Changes pages
  • Re-rating functionality re-rates DID billing data. It is useful when DID billing data need to be changed for already made Calls
  • End IVR #10 for Calling Cards Dial Plan
  • Quick Stats shows Active Calls as total/connected and redirects to Last Calls page when Calls value is pressed
  • Country flags for Destinations in Active Calls
  • Bulk Rates Update allows you to change Rates for All selected Destinations at once. This way is much faster than updating Rates one by one
  • Resellers can create Cron Action for automatic Invoice generation to avoid manual work
  • Button to create Payments and mark All unpaid Invoices as Paid. Few clicks instead of managing Invoices one by one
  • TAX Registration Number added into Invoice XLSX file
  • Ability to hide Device username for End Users
  • Integrity Check for Destinations suggests Destinations Groups with same name as Destination name. It makes Destinations assignment to Destination Groups much more easier
  • Optimized Rate Search by full Number speed
  • Optimized Load Stats page speed. It is about 60 times faster than before


  • API method user_calls_get now has new s_reseller parameter which allows to filter calls by reseller
  • API method user_balance_get has new user_currency parameter which tells MOR to return Users’ Currency code also. Balance will be in Users’ Currency
  • API method dids_get returns DID id. It simplifies usage of API methods which use DID id
  • Extended API method device_update with parameters: trunk, callerid_number, callerid_name, fax_email_add, fax_email_delete, call_limit
  • API method did_details_update now has new did_user_id parameter which allows to assign DID to any simple User or Reseller
  • API method did_subscription_stop to stop DID subscription for Device
  • API method callback_init now has new lega_tariff_id parameter which allows you to set different Tariff for LegA
  • API method callback_init now has new server_id parameter which allows you to choose Server for Callback
  • Greatly optimized user_register API request speed