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[edit] Description

Responsible Accountant is an Accountant who is responsible for assigned Users activity and profit.

[edit] Usage

Responsible Accountant can be assigned for User in User Settings page, General block. After Accountant is assigned to User as Responsible Accountant, he is able to:

When "Show only assigned Users:" setting is checked in Accountant edit form, that Accountant will be able to see just those Users whom he is assigned as Responsible Accountant. That means, that Users who are assigned to other Accountants or not assigned at all, will not be shown in the Accountants' GUI. Pages which will be affected are:

NOTE Responsible Accountant can be assigned only for Admin users - Reseller, Partner and simple User.

[edit] Statistics by Responsible Accountant

How is going Accountant work with specific Users group (or one User) you are able to check in Profit Stats page.

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