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Call Info page provides additional information about the Call

M2 call info.png

PCAP File/data

  • NOTE: Sometimes not all calls are captured due to hardware limitations

Background process records pcap files for (almost) every call. Later it is very easy to retrieve pcap file for exact call from Call Info page.

Press on the Download PCAP file button and if you have Wireshark installed - it will open the pcap file in the Wireshark.

NOTE: pcap file takes up to 10kb of data. By default it is reserved 1Gb of HDD space for pcap files. Approximately it is enough for 100.000 calls. Older files are deleted when space limit is reached. HDD space limit can be increased if necessary.

M2 pcap.png


Call Log is useful feature for troubleshooting Calls. It shows the exact Call Flow that was used when User made a Call. Call Log includes Radius log (billing part of Switch) and FreeSWITCH log (routing part of Switch) but most of the time, Radius log is enough to troubleshoot Calls.

Note: Datetime is in server timezone

M2 call log.png