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[edit] Description

This function is used when you change Tariff/Rate for some customer and you want to recalculate price for his Calls in the past. You need to select User, Period and system recalculates all prices for all Calls in selected period for selected User. It affects balance of User and statistics will show information with new prices.

[edit] Usage

Go to SETTINGS –> Billing –> CDR –> Rerating:


Select date interval and User (or multiple Users) whose Calls you want to rerate. You can select All Users and include calls of Reseller Users.

Also you are able su set Ghost Time percent, this value will increase user_billsec and/or reseller_billsec and price which depends on changed user_billsec and/or reseller_billsec. Ghost Time will be calculated just from initial billsec, and if you will rerate two times with same percentage value, on second time nothing will change. 0 leaves or returns initial user_billsec and/or reseller price.

Table below will show which data of Calls will be affected according each selection scenario.

One of Admin Users One of Admin Resellers                 All Users                 One of particular Reseller Users All Users (Reseller Users Included)

user_rate, user_price

                +                 -                 +

   (just for Admin Users Calls)

                +                 +

reseller_rate, reseller_price

                -                 +

 (for Calls of All Reseller Users)

                +                 -                 +

NOTE If in Call of Reseller User will be used one of Common Use Providers Tariff to rerate Reseller Price will be taken form ADDONS -> Resellers -> Common use Providers. If in Call of Reseller User will be used one of Provider which belongs just to Reseller, Provider Price will be rerated by that Provider tariff.

  • Press Rerate in Background(FAST) if you want to send Rerating task to Background Tasks. This way rerating of huge amount of Calls goes faster than SLOW method and also you do not need to wait in current page till rerating will be finished. Also Provider Billing details will be rerated
  • Press Rerate in GUI(SLOW). The rating mechanism is the same as in MOR application but here rating is done by GUI. Be patient – if there are many calls – it can take some time to rerate all of them. Provider Billing details will NOT be rerated. If you choose this way for Rerating you will be redirected to second step:


Here you see call stats for selected date interval. When you are sure everything is correct – press Rerate:


Here you will see the Difference after Rerating.

[edit] Rerate all users

Select 'All Users' from User selection to rerate all Users at once in selected period.

[edit] Tariff from Localization

If call's prefix is in Localization Rule which has some Tariff, this Tariff is used to count call's price instead of User's Tariff.

[edit] Other notes

  • Re-rate does not take into account Flat Rates and User will be charged for such Calls. Do not do rerating for such User.
  • Re-rate does not work when call's DID, LCR or Owner Device is changed by Localization rules.
  • Re-rate will take Active Rate when Rates with Effective From are re-rated.
  • Min duration and Increment are also changed during Re-rating. Admin still see original duration. Rounded duration is visible under User account.
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