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MOR application saves hangupcause codes (HGC in MOR terminology) to the database, so it is easy to check what the error was and why the call failed.

These codes can be seen in the Calls window (Hangup Cause column) when selected to show 'All', 'Busy', 'No Answer', 'Failed' or 'Missed' calls.


[edit] Standard codes

Code Cause
20 subscriber absent
34 no circuit/channel available

[edit] MOR specific codes

Code Cause
200 MOR can't determine who is calling
201 User is blocked
202 Reseller is blocked
203 No rates for User
204 No suitable providers found
205 MOR PRO not authorized to work on this computer
206 server_id is not set in mor.conf file - this error code is not used anymore
207 Not clear who should receive call
208 MOR can not make more calls
209 Test time exceeded
210 Balance more than 0, but not enough to make call 1s in length
211 Low balance for user or Daily limit is reached
212 Balance too low for more simultaneous calls
213 Low balance for DID owner
214 DID owner's balance is too low to make more simultaneous calls
215 Low balance for reseller
216 Reseller's balance is too low to make more simultaneous calls
217 Callback not initiated because device not found by ANI
218 Reseller does not allow loss calls
219 DID has reached call limit. No more calls allowed to this DID
220 User call limit reached
221 Device call limit reached
222 Resellers call limit reached
223 Providers call limit reached
224 Provider skipped because his rate is higher than user's rate
225 CallerID is banned
226 DID is free
227 Calling Card PIN is not entered
228 Calling Card Destination is not entered
229 DID is reserved
230 Connection returned error code 0 instead of real code
231 Provider unreachable - this error code is not used anymore
232 Callback DID not available
233 Skype Addon Disabled
234 Internal Loop
235 Providers rate higher by percent
236 Callback initiation too early
237 DID User is blocked
238 Provider used its daily call time limit
239 Device used its daily call time limit
240 Provider belongs to the User which makes call (loop)
241 Local Caller canceled the call before call was answered
242 No Rates for Reseller
243 Provider skipped because of CPS limitation
244 Device call aborted because of CPS limitation
245 Provider skipped because of balance limitation
246 Duplicate call hangup
247 Dead Provider skipped
248 Call was terminated because FAS(False Answer Supervision) control detected an issue
249 Partner's call limit reached
250 Partner is blocked
251 Low balance for Partner
252 Partner's balance is too low to make more simultaneous calls
253 Partner does not allow loss calls
254 No Rates for Partner
255 Destination is in blacklist
256 Destination is not in whitelist
257 Calling Card expired
258 Calling Card is not sold yet
259 Calling Card is empty
260 Destination is blocked in User's Tariff
261 Destination is blocked in Provider's Tariff
262 Source number is in blacklist
263 Source number is not in whitelist
264 No Rates for DID Owner
265 Provider skipped because rate margin is lower than allowed
266 Provider skipped because AGI script returned timeout error
267 Provider skipped because AGI script rejected this provider (AGI script status 0)
268 PDD limit reached
269 User's call rate is higher than allowed
270 Reseller's call rate is higher than allowed
271 Partner's call rate is higher than allowed
272 Provider skipped because the CallerID is in a Blacklist
273 Provider skipped because the CallerID is not in a Whitelist
274 No rates for Provider
275 Incorrect DID PIN
276 No Rates for DID Provider
277 CallerID is in Global Blacklist
278 CallerID is not in Global Whitelist
279 Destination number is in Global Blacklist
280 Destination number is not in Global Whitelist

[edit] Relation between MOR hangupcause codes and Standard codes

This table describes which standard ISDN code is MOR giving when one or another hangupcause is given.

MOR code ISDN code SIP code
208 34 503 Service unavailable
210 34 503 Service unavailable
211 34 503 Service unavailable
212 34 503 Service unavailable
213 34 503 Service unavailable
214 34 503 Service unavailable
215 34 503 Service unavailable
216 34 503 Service unavailable
219 34 503 Service unavailable
220 34 503 Service unavailable
221 34 503 Service unavailable
222 34 503 Service unavailable
223 34 503 Service unavailable
226 1 404 Not found
229 1 404 Not found
233 66 500 Internal server error
All others not listed above and greater than 199 ( >=200 ) 21 403 Forbidden

Starting from MOR 12, it is possible to change relation between MOR code and ISDN code. Relation can be defined in mor.conf.

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