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Image:audio.png SYSTEM ERROR. CODE 204. No providers found to terminate call to. No providers in routing table can accept and complete this call. 
There can be several reasons why.  
The user may have an empty routing table, e.g. the user's LCR has no providers. Also, his providers may not have rates for the dialed destination. 
To find the exact cause of this problem, please use Call Tracing. Call Tracing is the best tool to troubleshoot this problem. 
For more information, consult the online manual at wiki.kolmisoft.com.

This error means that something is wrong with LCR or providers:

  • the required provider isn't added to the dialing user's LCR.
  • the provider does not have rates to the destination.
  • all Providers' rates are higher than the user's rates and Allow loss calls is not enabled for users.

Check Call Tracing for the specified user to find the exact cause.

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