207 Not clear who should receive call

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Image:audio.png SYSTEM ERROR. CODE 207. Not clear where to send the call. 

[edit] Provider not configured as user

This error happens when a call comes from a provider that is not configured as a user.

Create a user for this provider in the system and assign the provider to this user to allow him to make calls. 
For more information, please consult the online manual at wiki.kolmisoft.com.

This error happens when a Provider tries to dial through your system but is not allowed to.

Fix it by instructions provided here.

[edit] Bad Localization Rule (for DID)

Check here: DID is not working - Bad Localization Rule

[edit] Malformed Destination


Restart Asterisk. If it not help, core upgrade could solve this. If not - contact the sender who sends such malformed packets for more investigation.

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