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[edit] Description

MOR returns error codes when a call fails.

The codes are written in Asterisk CLI. The codes are visible in the Call List near each call.

To make it even simpler, MOR can play associated audio when some error happens. To enable the audio, make play_hgc_audio = 1 in mor.conf and restart Asterisk.

If this setting is equal to 2, then sound files will be played for ALL error codes (sound files for these error codes are not included into MOR) (This option is available starting from MOR 10.)

This setting is available to help new users start with MOR and get instant feedback about failed calls.

Sound files are stored in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/mor/hgc. More information available here

IMPORTANT! Sound messages are delivered using early media, so it might not work in all situations.

[edit] How to disable

In order to disable these audio prompts in mor.conf set:

play_hgc_audio = 0

and restart Asterisk.

To check whether this setting is disabled, you can enter in Asterisk CLI:

mor show status

It should show as disabled:

CLI> mor show status

MOR billing and Routing application status
Version: 8.1.10
Server ID: 1
Active calls now/limit: 0/1000
Global call timeout: 7200 s
Use LCR Partials: 1
Check banned CLIs: 1
Use Speed Dials: 1
>>> Play HGC Audio: 0 <<<
Use Flat-Rates: 1

[edit] How to change

Sound files are stored in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/mor/hgc directory. If directory does not exist, please create it manually using mkdir -p /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/mor/hgc. Sound file's filename should follow format hgc_{actual_hgc_code}.wav, for example, in order to play sound file for HGC 201, sound filename should be hgc_201.wav. Before uploading to directory /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/mor/hgc sound files should be converted to Asterisk readable format.

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