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Image:audio.png SYSTEM ERROR. CODE 212. Too low balance to make another call.

This user already has an active call and part of his balance is reserved for this call. 
The remaining balance is not enough to start a new call. 
Increase the user's balance to allow him to make more calls at the same time.
For more information, please consult the online manual at

The reason can be that your user is PREPAID and he has not enough balance to cover more simultaneous calls.

[edit] Old logic

To be safe if the user was prepaid, MOR used an algorithm to reserve the balance when a call was made.

That way when the second, third, or more calls were made, MOR checked the free (not reserved) balance and decided whether it should allow dialing or not.

To lower the security level and allow users with a low balance to dial out several times, go to /etc/asterisk/mor.conf and change to:

min_frozen = 1

That way you are taking the risk of incurring a loss if the user talks for more than frozen_time (default 90s). For example, if the user makes a call, his balance is frozen for 90s with the rate to current destination. If the user talks more, you can incur a loss.

[edit] New logic

From 24 October 2008, a new, simplified algorithm has been implemented.

The old one left open the possibility of taking a loss if the prepaid user talked for more than the reserved time. This new algorithm eliminates possibility of incurring a loss.

Actual versions: 0.6.18 and 0.7_pre44.

The complete explanation is here: Prepaid Logic.

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