224 Provider skipped because his rate is higher then users rate

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Image:audio.png SYSTEM ERROR. CODE 224. Provider skipped because his rate is higher than the user's rate. 
The system saves the system owner from taking a loss from a call when the sell cost is higher than the sell price. 
Call Tracing is the best tool to troubleshoot this problem. For more information, consult theonline manual at wiki.kolmisoft.com

The solutions are:

1) make the rate for that destination higher in the user tariff.
2) reduce the rate in the provider tariff.
3) allow a call loss for the user.

To work with rates and see where is the problem exactly use Call Tracing.

By default, when a user's rate for a call is lower than the provider's, MOR does not allow the provider to take a loss.

To allow such a call, you should change the Allow loss calls setting for the user.

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