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There are two ways to change a Hangupcause code (HGC) a User receives from MOR. You can change the HGC globally for all Users or set in in the device settings for every User individually.

[edit] Change HGC globally

Any MOR generated HGC (codes above 200) can be changed to any ISDN code. This can be done by modifying mor.conf at /etc/asterisk directory.

To change the code, you need to add a line to the mor.conf file:

hgcX = code

where X is MOR HGC (X >= 200) and code is some integer value from ISDN codes. Example:

hgc203 = 34 

This sets ISDN code 34 for MOR HGC 203. If no values are set - default ones will be used. Please note, that mor reload is needed after mofifying the mor.conf file. To reload MOR, run:

asterisk -rx 'mor reload'

[edit] Change HGC for a specific User

Use the Change Failed Code To option in the device settings to change a failed HGC to some other value. This works only for outgoing calls from a device. It does not work for the incoming calls. All hangupcause codes can be changed (including codes below 200).

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