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Image:audio.png SYSTEM ERROR. CODE 213. Low balance for DID owner. 
This DID has a price which should be paid by the DID's owner, but the owner does not have enough balance to cover this call, 
so the call cannot be completed. To solve this problem, increase the balance for the DID's owner. For more information, please consult the online manual at wiki.kolmisoft.com.

DID usage is not allowed if this DID's owner rate is > 0 and the DID owner does not have enough balance to cover call costs.

In Asterisk CLI it looks like this:

[Mar  4 17:57:13] NOTICE[3513]: app_mor.c:5265 mor_check_did: DID DEVICE id: 2, type = IAX2, extension: 101, is trunk? 0, 
 name: 101, USER id: 2, postpaid: 0, balance: -38.389999, frz_balance: 0.000000, credit: 0.000000, callflows: 0, record: 0
[Mar  4 17:57:13] ERROR[3513]: app_mor.c:1005 mor_authorize: Low balance for DID owner!
[Mar  4 17:57:13] NOTICE[3513]: app_mor.c:2746 mor_exec: Hangupcause: FAILED, code: 0, mor hangupcause: 213, 
hangupcause to DB: 213

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