Why MOR does not allow to delete users

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MOR/M2 does not allow users to be deleted who have made at least one call (or has at least 1 payment) in the past.


The answer is simple - because it would ruin the billing.

Simple example

Let's say we have 2 (TWO) users U1 and U2 and 1 (ONE) provider P1.

During the month, one user U1 dialed 20,000 calls and the other user U2 dialed 10,000.

For the sake of simplicity, 1 call = 1 EUR.

So user U1 should pay you 20,000 EUR and user U2 should pay you 10,000 EUR. Total 30,000 EUR.

You sell with 100% margin, so that way you have to pay 15,000 EUR to your provider P1 for the calls.

And 15,000 EUR is your profit.

Imagine now what happens if you delete user U1 from the system with all his calls.

We have this situation:

During the month user U2 made calls worth 10,000 EUR and you see that you should pay provider 50% of that = 5,000 EUR to your provider P1.

BUT!!!! Provider P1 sees that he sent 30,000 EUR worth of calls and not 10,000 as you say. And these calls are worth 15,000 EUR.

So you will be at -10.000 EUR (MINUS 10.000 EUR) after one month!

What to do?

Hide users if you don't want to see them any more in your system. In the latest MOR version, hidden users are not visible in search filters.

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