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A Payment is created when a user pays the system owner for some Service:

Payments list.png

Possible payment types are:

  • Card - when a card is bought.
  • Invoice - when an invoice is paid.
  • Paypal - when a payment is made using Paypal.
  • Webmoney - when a payment is made using WebMoney.
  • Linkedin - when a payment is made using Linkedin.
  • Cyberplat - when a payment is made using Cyberplat.
  • Voucher - when a Voucher is used.
  • Subscription - for Prepaid users when charged for a subscription.
  • Manual - a manually added payment.
  • Credit note - when a credit note is paid.
  • Initial balance - it's a user's primary balance.

Manual payments

Sometimes customers send money through a bank or other means, or they might use some online gateway not implemented in MOR. To handle such transactions, MOR has Manual Payments.

When a user sends an amount to you as the owner, you need to enter this amount into MOR using the Manual Payment window, which can be found in SETTINGS –> Accounting –> Payments –> Icon add.pngAdd manual payment.

The first window lets you choose the user and enter the amount (with TAX) in the selected currency:

Manual payment1.png

Also you are able to put some private comments or dedicated for User. Next, click Proceed to see the calculated values for this Payment:

Manual payment2.png

Click Confirm to enter this payment, which can be seen in the Payments window:

Manual payment3.png

By clicking Icon comment edit.png you will see the editable entered comment of a payment.

After payment is entered, the user's balance will increase and he will see the payment in his Payment sections.

The Administrator can delete this payment by the User. After it is deleted, the user's account will decrease accordingly.

Use negative payment to remove money from a user's balance.

An invoice is created for PREPAID users, once a Manual payment is made.

Initial balance

Initial balance is the balance that was added to user during its creation. Initial balance is valid for registered users (via GUI or API), users created by admin and users created by reseller.

Payments initial 2.png

Initial balance lets you see user's primary balance without CLI.

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