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This option is available starting from MOR 9

What is Hide Provider?

You are not allowed to delete providers if there were any calls through them, because in this way (like with users delete) you can easily ruin your billing. Hide provider is a functionality that lets you hide unused providers.

P.S. It is very similar to hide user functionality.

How to Hide a Provider?

1. From MOR GUI go to: SETTINGS -> Billing -> Providers

Providers path.png

2. Press on the marked icon:

Hide provider.png

3. Result - provider is hidden and will not be shown in your main providers list. Now your hidden provider can be found in Billing -> Providers -> Hidden:

Providers hidden.png

How to unhide a provider? (how to set the provider visible)

1. From MOR GUI go to: SETTINGS -> Billing -> Providers -> Hidden

Providers hidden path.png

2. Press the marked icon:

Providers hidden red square.png

3. Result: your hidden provider will be unhidden. You will be able to find it in your main providers list: Billing -> Providers

Other notes

If provider is hidden it still will be used by MOR if you will leave it in one of LCRs. In short: delete this provider from LCRs also.

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