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Why should I hide users?

As it is not allowed to delete users who have at least 1 call, after some time such 'non-active' users accumulate and we need to do something about them to have a clear control panel.

For this reason, we just Hide them. They remain active - nothing changes for them - except that we do not see them in the GUI.

How to hide the user?

1. Go to users list:

Go to SETTINGS –> Users

Users path.png

2. Click the marked icon:

Users hide.png

3. Click "OK" when the confirmation appears/

Done. User should be hidden now.

Additional Notes

  • The same icon can be found in user's details. It works the same way.
  • Also you can hide user by selecting an option "Hidden" in user's details in General section

Where to find hidden users?

Go to SETTINGS –> Users –> Hidden

Users hidden path.png

How to unhide a user?

Navigate to Hidden Users list and press the same icon Icon hide.png again as in a hide user example

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