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If you want to assign Service to a client, you need to make a subscription for that user. Only then user can use the service and is monthly, daily or one time charged for the product he gets.

Who can configure and use services?

  • Creating, editing, deleting subscriptions can be done by Admin, Reseller/Reseller PRO, Partner, and Accountant with permissions.
  • Simple users can see his subscriptions in his Personal Menu: Personal details –> Subscriptions, but cannot edit or delete them.
  • Subscription payments from Reseller's users are only visible to the Reseller, as for payments from Admin's users are only visible to Admin and Accountant.


Go to SETTINGS –> Accounting –> Services –> Subscriptions:


Here you can see the list of subscriptions and the details of the subscriptions. It is also possible to search specific subscription by entering its Date, Name, Memo or User.


By clicking on the icon Icon subscriptions.png in Subscriptions page or Users list you will see all Subscriptions assigned to that User.

Users subscriptions.png

Every month a subscription about all subscriptions made in the system during the month is sent to admin. Also resellers' subscriptions are also sent to admin.

NOTE Subscription will be created in System Time Zone, because of a more simple Subscriptions management. As it is known, Invoices are generated in System Time Zone, and when Subscription is created in the same Time Zone as Invoice is generated, it is more simple to understand, how Subscription will be added to that Invoice. Also it prevents confusion between Admin and Accountant with different Time Zones.

Create Subscription

In the list of Subscriptions for specific User you are able to add new Subscription to that just click Icon add.png New subscription and you will reach page below:

Create subscription.png

  • Service – lets you to select service which you want to subscribe to the User. Choose preferred service and click Icon add.png
  • Memo – For example: if you sell DID, you can make a note of its number here.
  • Discount - Subscription Discount. It will affect Subscription price for User. Also, it will be shown in XLSX invoices.
  • Start Period on day - From which day to start the period. For example, if the period start day is 2022-01-16, then the period will last till 2022-02-15.
  • Start Period on month - From which month to start the period.
  • Charge Balance on - Period Start - charge on the first day of the period. Period End - charge when the period is over. Every Day - charge every day by price/30.
  • Activation start and Activation end – This data interval will be billed in the invoice, but dates before and after this interval will not be billed. A service is billed from Activation Start till Activation End, and from the start till the end of the invoice period. The time period that fits within both the previous periods is the actual period that will be billed.
    • Until canceled? – It is also possible setting Activation End to Until canceled option. In this case Subscription will only end, when it is removed or Activation End option is changed to a specific date (except Until canceled).
  • No Expiration at the end of a Month – active only if Flat-Rates or Dynamic Flat-Rates Service is selected. When this option is checked, unused minutes are never reset and User can continue to use his previously assigned minutes for more than a month.
  • Charge for past – charge subscription for past dates. Example:

Monthly Fee: Subscription Activation Start Period 2022.01.01, but added on 25.01.2022. With the selected option subscription should be charged for the past.
One time fee: Subscription Activation Start 2022.01.01, Activation End 2022.01.01, but added om 2022.01.25. With the selected option subscription should be charged for the past.

Update Subscription

Subscription edit page is pretty similar to Creation page:

Edit subscription.png

Just here you are not able to change Service type.

You cannot change the "Charge Balance" as well if the Service Type is a One Time Fee.

Bulk Create Subscription

It is possible to assign few subscriptions for user at one time. Choose preferred service and click Icon add.png and service(s) will be added to the list. Note that it is possible to add subscriptions till user has enough balance.

Subscriptions bulk create.png

Deleting Subscription

Delete button pressed on Subscription gives following options:

Delete without money return - subscription will be deleted and money paid for subscription will not be returned to User.

Disable Subscription - sets "Activation end" to current time effectively making Subscription inactive, but it will still be in the list.

Delete with whole money return - deletes subscription and returns money paid for that subscription to User. This includes all past payments for the Subscription.

Advanced information

In this section you can find out how subscriptions works and how users are paid according to their type.

Example of email with subscriptions

Charging for subscriptions.
Date: 2012-5
1 User: Test User #1(101):
Service: Test_periodic_service - 10.0000
Service: Test_periodic_service - 10.0000
2 User: User Resellers(user_reseller):
Service: res_1 - 110.0000

If you want to disable the Subscription Report from being sent via email, then in the file:



subscriptions_report_charged_users = 0

Works from Subscription script version 1.12.

More information about this option here.

Subscription calculation

Subscriptions are calculated by the following rules:

  • When a Subscription is assigned to the Prepaid user, the price for the first month is deducted from the user's balance instantly (and an appropriate Payment with type = subscription is created).
    • If the Prepaid user does not have enough balance to cover this subscription, the subscription fails.
  • When a Subscription is assigned to a Postpaid user, no changes are made to his balance instantly.

On a first day of every month at 00:10:00 an action is executed which performs the calculations (blocked users are skipped).

Prepaid users

For Prepaid users, the balance subtracts the Subscription price for this new month.

A New Payment is created, with type = 'Subscription', to mark the user's balance deduction (only for Prepaid users), the payment will be visible only to the user's owner.

If a Prepaid user's balance becomes negative, this user is blocked and receives a notification email (as does his owner).

Allow prepaid users balance to drop below zero

There is an option to allow or not user balance to drop below zero. Go to SETTINGS -> Setup -> Settings -> Various -> Do not allow prepaid user balance drop below zero:


If this option is not enabled - then MOR allows user balance to drop below zero. If this option is enabled - user is blocked when there is not enough money for a subscription - both user and admin are informed about this by email.

Postpaid users

For Postpaid users, the balance subtracts the Subscription price for the previous month if Charge Balance On Period End is selected.

If Charge Balance On Period End Start is selected, the monthly subscription will be charged the next day.

One-Time Subscriptions for Postpaid customers are deducted at the end of the period, on the first day of the next month.

If the Postpaid user's balance + credit < 0, he is blocked and receives a notification email (as does his owner).

Disable subscription report via email when a user is blocked

In the file:



subscriptions_report_blocked_users = 0

Works from Subscription script version 1.12.

More information about this option here.

Subscriptions scheme

Subscriptions scheme.png

Example 1: user balance is -4.00 USD, credit = 5.00 USD. Balance + credit = 1 USD, so user will still be able to call.

Example 2: user balance is -4.00 USD, credit = 4.00 USD. Balance + credit = 0 USD, so user will not be able call.

Credit can be changed in user details

  • Balance is an amount of money user already paid you, but have not been spent yet on services you provide (can make calls using this money). Current user balance can be checked in user details


The user is postpaid.

On a first day of his first month:
  • User balance is: -75 USD.

-75 USD is for calls. Also, the user has to pay 475 USD for subscriptions.

  • The system calculates the subscription price and deducts 475 USD from his balance.
  • The user balance becomes -550 USD.
  • The user gets an invoice for 550 USD.
  • He makes a payment of 500 USD.
  • The user's balance becomes -50 USD.
On the first day of the next month:

In the next month, the user gets an invoice for calls made over that month + subscription prices in that month.

-50 USD will be shown on the invoice, but will not be included in the new invoice.

From Accountant

  • Accountant needs See Financial Data permission to access Accounting menu and Subscriptions permission to see this page.

Payments information

Mor subs payments.png
Subscription ID and Memo information from subscription is visible in Private Comment.

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