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[edit] Description

A User is the actual user of the MOR system – the client who dials out or receives calls. The term "User" can represent one person or a whole company. The User is main unit in the system. Most of the settings are associated with "User".


[edit] User types

There are several User types in MOR:

  • Admin - the main user and owner of the system.
  • Reseller - limited admin of the system which has its own users.
  • Accountant - limited admin of the system which has some powers of Admin to manage the system.
  • User - a simple user of the system.

[edit] User list

The user management window is in SETTINGS –> Users

In this window, you can check all users with their main details:

Image:icon_status_offline.png and Image:icon_status_online.png show whether the user logged into GUI or is offline. Do not confuse this with device login to the server. These are different meanings.
Image:icon_calls.png - shows calls for this user.
Image:icon_recordings.png - shows recordings for this user.
Image:icon_login_as.png - lets you login as this user without entering his password.
Image:icon_call_tracing.png - initiates Call Tracing for this user.
Image:icon_groups.png – shows device groups – check Device Groups chapter.
Image:icon_device.png - Devices – shows user's devices.
Image:icon_money.png - Manual payment - lets you increase user balance.
Image:icon_rates.png - Custom Rates – shows user's Custom Rates.
Image:icon_subscriptions.png - shows user's Subscriptions.
Image:View_icon.png - shows user's Invoices
Image:icon_report_user.png - shows user's actions log.
Image:icon_magnifier.png - lets you edit user's monitoring settings.
Image:icon_edit.png - lets you edit user's settings.
Image:icon_hide.png - hides the user (in the Hidden Users list).
Image:icon_delete.png - lets you delete the user.

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