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Flat-Rates means a service plan under which a Client can dial a number of minutes to certain Destinations for a fixed amount (and optional additional connection fee not included in a fixed amount). After the user has used all his flat-rate minutes, all additional minutes are charged at the normal rate.

For example, $5.00/mo with 200 minutes to USA/Canada.


Go to SETTINGS –> Accounting –> Services:



In Services list page click Icon add.pngNew service Select Service type: Flat-Rate.

Flat-rate service create.png

  • Name - name of Flat Service (name will be shown in invoice),
  • Memo - informational message about Flat-Rate (can be left empty)
  • Sell Price - amount which User will be charged for service subscription (excluding connection fees if any),
  • Self-Cost - self cost for service (for informational purposes only),
  • Connection Fee - optional connection fee. If fee is higher than 0, it will be applied to every call and user will charged in addition to service fee.
  • Minutes/month - how many minutes user can call using this service,
  • Round by - how to round call duration (default by 1 second).
  • Limit Max rate for Provider - Calls with a higher Provider Rate will be dropped.

Create the Service by clicking Create button.

By default freshly created service does not have any destination. To check and/or add/remove destinations, click the Destinations icon.png icon.

Services list.png

Add destinations

Clicking on the Destinations icon.png icon will open Destinations window where you will be able to include/exclude destinations.

Flat rate include destinations.png

You have the following options to include/exclude destinations:

  • Prefix - enter valid prefix. Prefix and all sub-prefixes will be included. For example, if you enter prefix 370, this flat-rate service will include 370 and all other prefixes starting with 370.
  • Country/Prefix- this allows to choose specific country (direction) and specific prefix (destination) in that country. As in the previous example, prefix and all sub-prefixes will be included.
  • Prefixes from Destination Group - this allows to choose specific Destination Group. Once you choose particular group, amount of prefixes will be displayed. If you hover mouse on Prefixes word, new window will display all available prefixed in that Destination Group.

Included and Exluded Destinations

Once you will add some destinations by any method mentioned above, you will see overview of available destinations.

Flat rate destinations list.png

You can see all active destinations for specific Country by clicking on Active Destinations Icon Flat rate active destinations icon.png.


  • Flat-Rates are calculated by seconds.
  • Every month, the minutes available under Flat-Rates plans are reset to the initial value, which allows the client to use the same amount of minutes each new month. The clients' unused minutes for the previous month are lost.
  • When option No Expiration at the end of a Month is checked, Flat-Rates plans become one time Subscriptions and in the end of month minutes of Subscription will not be reset to the initial value. User can continue using his initially assigned minutes until all minutes will be finished. Note that subscription still becomes inactive after 'Activation end' date.
  • A Service is applicable for a whole month - that is, the service cannot start/end in the middle of the month.
  • User can have more than one Flat-Rate in this case will be used not expired Flat-Rate.
  • Billsec show time billed without Flat-Rate. Real Billsec show time billed together with Flat-Rate.
  • In XLSX invoices Flat Rate service will be shown as used/total time, for example, 00:08:54/00:10:00.

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