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A pilot project is an advanced way to try the fully functional Kolmisoft system for 1 month in a live environment. It includes:

  • On-premise or hosted installation
  • Fully functional system
  • Professional help with the configurations
  • VIP technical support
  • Training
  • Pre-configured test provider (Baltic Telco) to be able to make calls instantly after the installation is completed

STEP 1 – Your goals

The first step is to define your goals for the Pilot Project and the next step if those goals are achieved. Questions to be answered:

  • Do you want to use our server or your?
  • What are your main goals for the Pilot Project?
  • If we achieve your goals, what would happen at the end of the Pilot Project?
  • Which default currency do you want to use?

STEP 2 – Preparing a server and getting login

If you chose to use:

Installation is usually completed within 48 hours.

Once the system is ready, you’ll get an email from noreply@kolmisoft.com with the text "COMMENT HIDDEN IN EMAIL".

For security purposes we don't send login details by email, so you'll have to log in to Kolmisoft Support System to get your credentials.

STEP 3 – Starting configurations and getting support


If you want to configure an SSL certificate, please provide the following information:

Let's Encrypt

  • The hostname you want to use for Kolmisoft Softswitch. This hostname should point to the IP address, where Kolmisoft Softswitch is installed
  • The email address you want to receive notifications from Let's Encrypt (or another SSL issuing authority)

Other paid SSL certificates

Place these SSL certificate files on the server:

  • SSLCertificateFile /etc/httpd/ssl/apache.crt
  • SSLCertificateKeyFile /etc/httpd/ssl/apache.key
  • SSLCertificateChainFile /etc/pki/tls/certs/server-chain.crt


To get started faster, we will activate a pre-configured test provider (Baltic Telco) with a 3 EUR free test credit (rates are here).

You can also get a $50 USD free test credit if you sign up for IDT Express voice termination and DIDs.


All Pilot project users have 3 hours of private training included in their package.

You can schedule a training time by creating a ticket in the Kolmisoft Support System.


To achieve your pre-defined goals you need to start system configuration by following steps in wiki documentation:

You can find more information about the specific questions by entering a keyword or phrase in the search field on the left (see the screenshot below).

Search box in Kolmisoft Wiki.png

If you don’t know, what to type, start with:


As the system is new for you, simply following the wiki documentation is not always enough.

As soon as you face some difficulty or feel that things are getting complicated, you can contact Kolmisoft engineers for help.

This is done by creating a ticket in the Kolmisoft Support System.

For some clients, it is strange why Kolmisoft uses a ticket system to resolve problems and questions instead of email, phone or online chat.

The answer is simple – to assist our clients more efficiently.

Once you understand that keeping problems organized increases reaction time and rate of problem resolution, you will start enjoying the Kolmisoft support system.

However, it is also possible to contact our engineers by Skype ID: support_kolmisoft and join our Discord Channel.

STEP 4 – Concluding results

One-two weeks before the Pilot project we will conclude the results – whether it was successful or not.

If it was successful, we will propose few options to be taken as a next step.

If it was not successful, we analyze the core issues and will try to improve ourselves to serve you better in the future.

STEP 5 – Next step upon successful Pilot Project

If we achieve success together and you would like to continue the partnership with Kolmisoft, you can become our client.

It is possible to retain the same server which was used during the Pilot project or migrate to a new one.