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Kolmisoft Client Support System is used to help Clients to solve their problems.

It's address is:

Main purpose is to help solve problems. Support System helps to do that by keeping information organized.

You should get login credentials in your email. If you lost them or did not received - please ask for them by email:


If you have some problem you need to login to Support System and create Support Ticket.

Warning.pngIMPORTANT! Each Ticket is ONLY for one problem/question. If you have another problem - you need to create separate ticket.

Tickets priority

When Ticket is created Kolmisoft team will start to solve it based on its priority.

Priority can be changed if you have a Support Plan with Kolmisoft.

If you have an emergency (e.g. server is down), please create a "Blocker" priority ticket.

Emergency Support (for BLOCKER priority tickets) for clients with support plan is available 24x7 and support is provided only through the Support System.

More information about support plans can be found here.


Communication in the Ticket is done writing comments.


When somebody comments on your Ticket, you will receive an email with this comment.


It is possible to add an attachment to the ticket.

Press Add Attachment in the ticket edit window:

Crm attachement.png

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