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A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a switch station for telephone systems. It consists mainly of several branches of telephone systems and it switches connections to and from them, thereby linking phone lines.

Companies use a PBX for connecting all their internal phones to an external line. This way, they can lease only one line and have many people using it, with each one having a phone at the desk with different number. The number is not in the same format as a phone number though, as it depends on the internal numbering. Inside a PBX, you only need to dial three-digit or four-digit numbers to make a call to another phone in the network. We often refer to this number as an extension. A person calling from the outside might ask for an extension to be directed to the person she is targeting. (more)

Go to ADDONS –> PBX functions

Pbx finctions path.png

Expand menu option and here you will find additional functions like External DID, Ring-Groups, Voicemail, PhoneBook, Music on Hold Call Queues, IVR system and Time Period.

Also with this Addon you will be able to use Call Flow functionality.

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