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!!WARNING - Deep Asterisk knowledge is a must before proceeding!!

External DID function allows you to implement different PBX (or other Asterisk related functions) into MOR.
When you assign some DID number pbxfunction External DID your call is forwarded to an extension file in Asterisk called:


NOTE: changes to this file are permanent. E.g. update do not overwrite this file.

Prior to making configurations in that file, please keep in mind, that:

When call comes to DID, for example DID number 1234567890 it will be forwarded to the dial plan in that file with extension:

exten => 1234567890,1,...

Warning.pngDID number and PBX function Extension (in GUI) CANNOT be the same. So if your DID is 1234567890, your PBX function extension cannot be 1234567890. It can be any other number, like 99999 or same number but modified with additional characters like *1234567890. DID and extension in config file (/etc/asterisk/extensions_mor_external_did.conf) should be the same.

In this file you can basically configure any function that Asterisk supports to handle your call, like:


Go to ADDON –> PBX functions –> External DIDs:

Pbx functions menu.png

Here you will see list off PBX function External DIDs

Pbx function external did.png

Click on Icon edit.png icon to make changes for existing settings or enter Extension and Dial Plan name, select PBX Pool and PBX Function name and click on Icon add.png icon to create new one.

  • Note: you can change the User who will be billed by pressing the edit button;

duplicate Extensions can not be created in same PBX Pool.

Echo test

Create External DID with PBX function name 112 - Tell balance and assign it to a DID. Let say DID is 37012345.

ADDONS > PBX functions > External DIDs


DID 37012345 settings. Choose External DID dial plan which you created for echo and click green check park to assign DID to it.


Make changes in this file:


Add in the end of file:

exten => 37012345,1,Answer
exten => 37012345,2,Echo
exten => 37012345,3,Hangup

File should like like this after adding lines:

exten => _X.,2,NoOp(ERROR: You see this message because you routed call from DID to PBX Function External DID and did not created special entry for this DID in the file /etc/asterisk/extensions_mor_external_did.conf. Check this file for more explanation!)
exten => _X.,3,Hangup

exten => 37012345,1,Answer
exten => 37012345,2,Echo
exten => 37012345,3,Hangup

Safe file and reload dial plan:

asterisk -rx "dialplan reload"

Once you dial 37012345, you will hear the Echo test.

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