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Purpose of IVR Dial Plan is to manage which IVR should be used at particular Time Period. This Dial Plan useful if you want to set diferent IVR to specific time, just follow Usage segment.


Create an IVR and go to SETTINGS -> Billing -> DIDs -> Dial Plans

Dialplan path.png

Here you can see list of all Dial Plans

Dialplans list.png

Click on Icon add.pngNew Dial Plan or choose IVR Dial Plan which already exist and click on Icon edit.png icon. Find edit form like this:

IVR setup7.png

  • Name – here you can put the name of IVR Dial Plan
  • IVR – select IVR which have to be used, in IVR: Default column specifies name of IVR system that will be used to fill remaining time.
  • Time Period – select Time Period for IVR above.
  • Time Zone – select in which Time zone Time Period will work.

At last click Icon add.png icon to add this Dial Plan or Icon edit.png icon to update it.

The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Dial Plan can be seen in action in IVR for Calling Cards also.

NOTE that the above example only illustrates how to create an IVR Dial Plan and it does not mean that IVR Dial Plan is only applicable for Calling Cards. For example, you can program automatic answering machine to redirect the caller to an appropriate department by using IVR. For better understanding of IVR logic see IVR system.


IVR dialplan will not be visible if PBX addon is disabled. Also reseller needs PBX Functions permission to be able to use IVR Dial Plan.

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