IVR for Calling Cards

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This example shows how to add an IVR for Calling Cards.

Usually it is a greeting which says: "Welcome to X Cards, thank you for using our services..."

We need to have an already created Calling Card Dial Plan to proceed (check the main guide for how to do this).


We need to take the following steps:

  1. Create a Voice.
  2. Upload a Sound file to this Voice (e.g. a greeting).
  3. Create a Time Period in which our IVR will be active (we will make it active all the time in this example).
  4. Create the IVR. The IVR should:
    1. Wait 2 seconds for a call to be established.
    2. Change the language/Voice to 'zn' - e.g. Chinese.
    3. Play the greeting.
    4. Transfer the call to the Calling Card Dial Plan (through DID).


The main logic of this example is the following:

  • User dials into IVR Dial Plan DID (we will use 111 for this example).
  • DID 111 forwards to IVR Dial Plan.
  • IVR Dial Plan plays greeting.
  • IVR forwards to Calling Card Dial Plan DID (we will use 222 for this example).
  • DID 222 forwards to Calling Card Dial Plan.
  • Calling Card Dial Plan executes with normal Calling Card logic.

Note that DID 222 is a middle DID used for inner routing. It can be fake. DID 111 should be real, so that real calls can come to it.


This video demonstrates the whole setup process:


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