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Accounting is implemented to keep track of all payment's activity. It is also useful if you want to create a service, subscribe user to the service and generate invoices for the clients. Only Admin, Reseller/Reseller PRO and Accountant with permission can see this menu.


Go to SETTINGS –> Accounting:


  • Services – is a product that can be sold to the client.
  • Invoices – it is information about how much user has to pay and what it has to pay for.
  • Credit notes – it is the opposite of the invoice. It shows how much user's balance increased.
  • Financial statements – include information about credit notes and invoices.
  • Payments – payment is created when a user pays the system owner for some service.

From Accountant

  • Accountant needs See Financial Data permission to access Accounting menu and also additional settings for specific pages. For example Invoices permission to access SETTINGS –> Accounting –> Invoices.

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