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A User is the actual user of the MOR system – the client who dials out or receives calls. The term "User" can represent one person or a whole company. The User is the main entity in the system. Most of the settings are associated with "User".

User device.png

User types

There are several User types in MOR:

  • Admin - the main user and owner of the system.
  • Accountant - limited admin of the system which has some powers of Admin to manage the system
  • Partner - user who can manage Resellers
  • Reseller - limited admin of the system which has its own users
  • User - a simple user of the system

User list

The user management window is in SETTINGS –> Users

In this window, you can check all users with their main details:

Icon status offline.png and Icon status online.png show whether the user logged into GUI or is offline. Do not confuse this with device login to the server. These are different meanings. If user is online, you can click on Icon status online.png icon to Kick and Block user.
Icon calls.png - shows calls for this user.
Icon recordings.png - shows recordings for this user.
Icon login as.png - lets you login as this user without entering his password.
Icon call tracing.png - initiates Call Tracing for this user.
Icon groups.png – shows device groups – check Device Groups chapter.
Icon device.png - Devices – shows user's devices.
Icon money.png - Manual payment - lets you increase user balance.
Icon rates.png - Custom Rates – shows user's Custom Rates.
Icon subscriptions.png - shows user's Subscriptions.
View icon.png - shows user's Invoices
Icon report user.png - shows user's actions log.
Icon magnifier.png - lets you edit user's monitoring settings.
Icon edit.png - lets you edit user's settings.
Icon hide.png - hides the user (in the Hidden Users list).
Icon delete.png - lets you delete the user.


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