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In order to make use of destinations and managing prices easier, destinations are grouped. It means that one price applies for a group of destinations, rather than for destinations separately (a group can contain one destination also).

Who can configure and use destinations?

  • Destinations Groups are only used by users. It does not affect providers, because providers need to have very exact rates for each destination.


Go to SETTINGS –> Billing –> Directions –> Groups:

Destinations groups path.png

Here you can see the list of already created Destinations Groups.

Destinations groups list.png

You can add new destination by clicking Add.png New destination group. Fill Name and Flag fields, click Create and new Destionations Group will be successfully created.

Add Destination to Destinations Group

When Destinations are created you are able to assign them into Destinations Groups in several ways:

1. Go to SETTINGS –> Billing –> Directions –> Groups and click on Destinations column Icon details.pngView link to access the Destinations list for specific Destinations Group.


Click Add.pngAdd new Destinations and you will reached page where you can find all Destinations without Destinations Groups.

Add destinations-dg.png

Check Destinations which you want to assign to the Group and click Add destinations. Destinations will be added to the Group.

2. Go to SETTINGS –> Billing –> Directions and click on Destinations column Icon details.pngView link to access the Destinations list for specific Direction.


Click Icon edit.png icon for chosen Destination and there you can reassign Destination to other Destinations Group or even Direcition.


3. Destinations without Destinations Groups also will appear in SETTINGS –> Billing –> Directions –> Unassigned Destinations where you can assign them to the chosen Destinations Groups.

NOTE: A destination can belong to only one group at a time.

HINT: If you want to split a Destination Group, remove all Destinations from it, delete the old Destination Group, and create new ones. Then add the removed Destinations to the newly created Destination groups.


To assign specific rates for destinations groups, go to SETTINGS –> Billing –> Tariffs, click on Rates and you will see the list of destination groups that can be assigned to specific prices. Here you can find instructions how to enter rates for retail tariff and wholesale tariff

Move Prefix between Destination Groups with CSV

The functionality works only with existing prefixes in the system.

It is not possible to add or remove new prefixes using this fucntion.


You have Destination with Prefix 9377 in Group Afghanistan Mobile MTN:

Afg dst.png

And you want to move Destination with Prefix 9377 to another Destination Group, for example, Afghanistan - Fixed.

Create a folowing csv file:

9374,add,Afghanistan - Fixed

Possible actions:

add - assign to destination_group
remove - unassign from destination_group

Upload this CSV:

Dst grp upload csv.png

Map results.png

By pressing Import, Destination with Prefix 9377 will be moved to Destination Group Afghanistan - Fixed.


Afg dst2.png

Note: Destination Group Name must be unique. If there are Destination Groups with the same name, Prefix will not be moved.

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