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[edit] Description

Directions refers to countries, or perhaps to a satellite network. The term merely describes the direction in which the call is routed.

Destinations are more concrete concepts of the calls course.
Let's say we are dialing number 37068547771. According to this number the Direction is Lithuania, but the Destination is the mobile network Bite. Destinations are determined by the Prefix which is unique for each Destination. The Prefix in the example is 370685.

[edit] Who can configure and use destinations?

  • Only admin can create, edit, delete directions and destinations and access Direction and Destinations pages.

[edit] Usage

[edit] Directions

Go to SETTINGS –> Billing –> Directions.


You can see all Directions with their details, such as country code and assigned destinations number, in the main window.


If you click on statistics icon File:statistics_icon.png, you can see how many calls were made to that direction during the selected time period.

You can also edit File:edit.png the name of a direction, but you cannot change the country code. When deleting the direction all the destinations assigned to that direction will also be deleted.

Click file: icon add.pngNew direction to add new Direction into system. You will see the following window:

File:Directions new.png

Enter the name and direction code. Click Create. New direction will be created and can be filled with Destinations.

By clicking on Destinations column file: icon details.pngView link, you can access the Destinations list for specific Direction.

[edit] Destinations

SETTINGS –> Billing –> Directions and click on Destinations column file: icon details.pngView link to access the Destinations list for specific Direction:


[edit] Create

Click Image:icon_add.png"Add new destination" to add new Destinations into system. You will see the following window:

File:Destination new.png

Enter destination's prefix, name and click Create. Now you can add it to Destinations Groups.

[edit] Import

  • QUESTION: How do you import destinations from a file?
  • ANSWER: You can import them using the Tariff import script. Just create a dummy tariff, add dummy Rates, and import. Destinations will be created automatically. Later you can delete the Tariff. Just remember to enter prefixes in E.164 format.

NOTE: You can get a CSV file with all Destinations in the Tariffs window. It is suitable for rate entering and importing back to MOR.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When adding new Destinations, make sure you include them in some Destination Group. Otherwise you will get corrupted invoices if the user uses a retail tariff.

[edit] Bulk management

With Bulk management you are able to:

  • rename multiple Destinations by specifying a regexp pattern.
  • reassign multiple Destinations to other Direction by specifying a regexp pattern.

Go to SETTINGS –> Billing –> Directions and click on image:icon_edit.pngBulk management link

[edit] Rename

Enter a prefix regexp which Destinations should be renamed, write in Destination details to what name you want to rename those destinations:


Click Rename and MOR will show you which Destinations are going to be renamed:


If you want to proceed - press Confirm changes at the bottom of the window and the Destinations will be renamed:


[edit] Reassign

Enter a prefix regexp which destinations should be reassigned, select a group to assign to and specify type:


Press Reassign and MOR will show you which Destinations are going to be reassigned:


If you want to proceed - press Reassign at the bottom of the window again and the destinations will be reassigned:


[edit] MOR supported regexp patters

Supported regexp symbols:

% - matches any symbol any number of times

[1,2,3,4]% - matches destinations beginning whit 1, 2, 3 and 4


370% - will match numbers 370xxxxxxxxx

370[1,3,9]% - will match numbers 3701xxxxxxxx, 3703xxxxxxxx and 3709xxxxxxxx

[edit] Unassigned Destinations

Destinations without Destinations Groups will appear in SETTINGS –> Billing –> Directions –> Unassigned Destinations where you can assign them to the chosen Destinations Groups.

[edit] Fix all Unassigned Destinations


Press Fix all Unassigned Destinations do assign all unassigned destinations at once.


Choose preferable option and press Proceed. After that Unassigned Destinations will be assigned depending on chosen option.

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