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IMPORTANT - this add-on is no longer supported!


[edit] Description

SMS addon lets you send SMS from MOR.

It can send SMS over Email if Provider supports that.

Addon implements SMS billing and routing.

It is possible to:

  • Create many SMS Providers
    • Send email to provider to initiate SMS
    • Native Clickatell integration
    • Send SMS over API (available from MOR 12)
  • Make route (LCR) from these providers
  • Make Tariffs, enter Rates for SMS into these Tariffs
  • Let Users send SMS from their MOR login or from -------> their Mobile Phone!

[edit] Configuration

After you prepare Providers go to ADDONS –> SMS:


You will reach list of subscribed to SMS service Users:


NOTE:: If you use SMPP SMS server, users primary Device CallerID can not be longer than 11 characters.

Here have to subscribe User to SMS Service, just select user from dropdown and press Subscribe. If you want unsubscribe user from SMS Service click image:icon_delete.png icon. Click on image:icon_edit.png icon to change Users LCR or Tariff for SMS Service.


[edit] Usage

Login as Simple User and go to PERSONAL MENU –> SMS –> Send


to write and send sms:


NOTE: Usually one message consist of 160 symbols, but if message has Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese or Cyrillic alphabet language symbols, message requires different encoding. In this case message can have only 70 symbols.

[edit] SMS log



if you want to see list of sent sms:


[edit] SMS Rates

Go to PERSONAL MENU –> SMS –> Rates


if you want to check your personal rates for SMS Service:


NOTE: User can see Rates menu option just in that case if Show rates for users: is checked in | Functionality settings.

[edit] Advanced options

Go to ADDONS –> SMS –> Settings:


you will reach window below


Here you can set Email POP3 server, Login, Pasword.

Also you can enable SMS sending from start page, just check Send SMS from Front page. Furthermore you can set some Font Page Text for SMS. SMS dialog should be visible on start page:


P.S. This SMS form will be visible only for users which have SMS subscription

[edit] SMS Addon for Resellers

In order to allow Resellers to use the SMS Addon, you must permit them to use the addon, by configuring Resellers' permissions. You can read more about it over here - Reseller Permissions. Once the permissions are set, you have to subscribe the Reseller to SMS Service. Once the Reseller is subscribed, he will be able to use the SMS Addon and subscribe his own users.

[edit] Invoice

If user is subscribed and using SMS Addon, quantity and price of successfully sent SMS will be included into Invoice details. If Reseller is subscribed, he will also be charged for SMS that were sent by his own users.

[edit] Troubleshooting

[edit] 1 - failed, system owner does not have rate for this destination

This means that Provider does not have rate for destination where you are trying to send SMS.

Solution - add such rate to appropriate prefix.

[edit] See also

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