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[edit] What is Reseller Permissions?

Reseller Permissions allows system administrator to select which addons can be used by Reseller Group.

[edit] How to set Permissions for Reseller?

To create a Reseller Group, set Permissions and assign reseller to Reseller Group please follow these steps:

1. Go to ADDONS –> Resellers –> Reseller permissions

2. Create a new Reseller Group:


3. Click on image:icon_edit.png (edit) icon to edit a new Reseller Group:


4. Change permissions for Reseller Group:


Disabled - reseller is not allowed to use this addon.
Enabled - reseller is allowed to use and configure this addon. Addon configuration made by reseller is actual for his account only.

and click Update.

5. Go to reseller settings (Users -> image:icon_edit.png ) and assign the reseller to a permissions group:


You can create more than one Reseller Group and assign more than one reseller to each Reseller Group.

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