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[edit] What is Default User settings?

These are the default settings which are applied to all new users.

[edit] Where to find Default User settings?

Default user settings can be found in SETTING - Setup -> Settings -> Default User


[edit] General

  • Username – username for user to login to MOR GUI.
  • Default Password length – minimum length of password which will be applied to all new users.
  • User type – by default it is "user".
  • LCR – LCR which will be applied – to all new users.
  • Tariff – prices for the user which will be applied to all new users.
  • Balance – the user's balance which will be applied to all new users.
  • Credit – the user's credit, showing how low the user's balance can go which will be applied to all new users.
  • Postpaid/Prepaid – type of user which will be applied to all new users by default.
  • Not Hidden/Hidden – is this user hidden?
  • Allow loss calls – should loss calls be allowed for new user by default?
  • Call Limit – how many simultaneous calls the new user can make by default?
  • Default currency – currency for user.
  • Time zone – time zone for user.

[edit] Blocking

Various options for User Blocking.

[edit] Warning Balance Email

If you want to send an email notification to a user (or take another action) when his balance drops lower than a certain amount, check this setting and enter the desired amount.

More details: Warning balance

[edit] Invoices

  • Generate Invoice - should we generate an invoice for this user when we choose to generate invoices for a period?
  • Invoice, Detailed, By CallerID, By Destinations and PDF/CSV show various types of invoices which should be sent to the user as an email attachment.
  • Show zero Calls - if the call price = 0, should such calls appear in the invoice or not?

[edit] Payments

  • Cyberplat - check this option if you want to allow the user to use this payment gateway.

[edit] Details


[edit] Taxes

Here tax parameters are entered for the user.

The tax system is explained here.

[edit] Registration Address


[edit] Recordings

This section is available when the Recordings Addon is installed in the system.

[edit] See also

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