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[edit] Definition

When a User is blocked, he is unable to make outgoing calls login to the user interface or receive any kind of emails.

NOTE: the User is still able to receive calls. Unassign DID for him to keep him from receiving incoming calls.

[edit] Direct blocking

Mark User Blocked or Not Blocked to instantly block/unblock him.


[edit] Unconditional blocking


This option sets the date when user should be blocked.

If date is in the past, this option is not active.

Block check is done every night at 00:00:00.

NOTE #1: if you want to block the user in the future, set this date in Block at BUT do not mark this user as Blocked (if you do so, the block will take effect instantly). The system will mark the user as Blocked at your selected date.

NOTE #2: If you want to block the user today, just mark the user as Blocked. DO NOT enter today's date into Block at field - the system will not block it if you do so, because it will not check until tomorrow 00:00:00.


[edit] Conditional blocking



Under this option, select day of the month when to perform check.

The check is done at night at 00:00:00.

On the day the user is checked, the following questions are asked:

  • Is he POSTPAID ?
  • Is his BALANCE < 0 ?

If all conditions are met, this user is blocked.

[edit] Allow to login and receive emails

Image:Allow to login and reveice emails.png

When this option is checked, blocked user is allowed to login and receive emails.

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