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What is Reseller Pro Addon?

Reseller Pro Addon is an optional MOR feature that gives opportunity for Admin to allow Resellers to have Providers.
With this addon admin has ability to mark some of his Providers to be optionally used for Resellers.
Admin can allow Resellers to create his own Providers and use common use Providers by selecting only Enable Reseller PRO (after update it is not possible to uncheck this option). Or select Forbid to create own Providers and let him use just common use Providers.

Reseller PRO can have his Providers and create his own LCRs, but he is able to change tariffs for his providers only.
Reseller PRO cannot affect tariff which is assigned to him or to a common use Providers by admin.

Important notes

  • Once Reseller is made Reseller PRO - it cannot be converted to simple reseller. Although you can disallow such reseller to create new providers.

How to allow Reseller to have own Providers?

1. Go to SETTINGS –> Users, find reseller and click Icon edit.png icon.

2. Check Enable Reseller PRO option:

Allow to have own providers.png

NOTE: After Enable Resller PRO is checked and saved, this action cannot be unchecked.

Now reseller can add own Providers from Reseller Menu:

Reseller menu providers.png

How can Reseller add own Providers?

Reseller can add own Providers in the same way as Admin:

How Admin providers can be used by reseller?

You have to edit provider settings and select an option common use. All providers with option Common use can be dedicated to all resellers or to separate resellers with different tariffs.


1. Enable Common use option for a desired provider.

2. Go to ADDONS -> Resellers -> Common Use Providers

Custom use providers.png

Now you have two options:

1) Press a button marked with number 1 - this will create associations for all available common use providers for all resellers, later you can delete unneeded associations. Please note that when you will add a new reseller to the system - you will need to press this button again or create associations manually as stated in option 2).

2) Using menu marked with number 2 you can manually assign common use providers for each reseller with different tariffs.

How to forbid Reseller PRO to create new Providers?

1. Go to SETTINGS –> Users, find reseller and click Icon edit.png icon.

2. Check Forbid to create own Providers option:

Disallow to create own providers.png

If Forbid to create own Providers option is checked, Reseller has no ability to create his own Providers. Reseller can use just common use Providers and those Providers which are already created.

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