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This addon incorporates basic reseller support into MOR

Currently it lets to create user with type 'reseller'

When this user logs into the system he is able to:

  1. Create tariffs
  2. Create users
  3. Setup their own tariffs and assign them to their users
  4. View calls and other stats for his own users
  5. Add own logo to GUI
  6. Customize invoice with their details
  7. Can calculate own profit

When his users are making calls - reseller's balance decreases along with user's balance. If reseller is prepaid and he is out of balance or postpaid and credit limit is reached - his users will not be able to make calls even if they have money in their balance.


DIDs can be created only by admin. Reseller can assign DIDs available to him to his users.

ADMIN can assign DID to USER directly bypassing RESELLER.

Calling Cards

Can Resellers have own Calling Cards?

Complete Calls

To get all Calls in selected period for Reseller and his User use following link:

Reseller calls complete.png

How to create a Reseller?

Go to SETTINGS –> Users

Users path.png

Press the Add.png icon to add new User:

Users list.png

Select the "reseller" user type from the marked drop down box:

Users change usertype.png

You can check all resellers and additional information at one list. Go to ADDONS –> Resellers:

Reseller list.png

How to assign specific Asterisk server for a Reseller?

It is possible to choose specific Asterisk server for different Reseller. This option will assign all Reseller Devices and Providers for this server.

Go to SETTINGS –> Users and press on your Reseller Edit button. Then you can select preferred Asterisk server.


NOTE that if Global server is set in this field, MOR will use Global Reseller server that is set at * Reseller Settings

Reseller billing


You (admin) pay your provider 0.3$ per minute;

Reseller pays you 1.2$ per minute;

Reseller's client pays reseller 2$ per minute.

Your profit is 0.9$;

Reseller's profit is 0.8$.

If reseller uses his own provider then he does not pay you.

NOTE: only Reseller PRO can have his own providers.

Manual for Resellers

This manual is dedicated for resellers to work on MOR

Web access

Each Reseller has it's own Homepage. URL can be found in MAIN MENU -> Settings -> Global tab.

It is possible to have different domain name for each Reseller. Domain name should be pointed to Reseller's URL in such case.

NOTE: Kolmisoft does not provide domain names, so you need to check with certain domain provider for such option.

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