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Navigate to:
For Admin             STATISTICS -> Search:
For Admin User    PERSONAL MENU -> Various -> Search:
For Reseller           MAIN MENU -> Routing -> Search:
For Reseller User   PERSONAL MENU -> Details -> Search:


Search page is very useful tool when you want to get

  • Destination name and its Rate by concrete Prefix
  • A Country Prefix in E.164 format knowing only a Country name.
  • Rate by phone number

Prefix - refers to the first digits of a telephone number.

These digits are a way to identify the area that the phone number is located in.


Prefix finder has two functions:

1) You can enter prefix to get destination name. For example you can enter 370 and get destination name Lithuania, tariff and rates for this destination.

2) You can enter Destination name and get prefix. For example you can enter Lithuania and get a prefix 370.

3) You can enter Number to get Rate.