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What is an E.164 format number? In short, it's a number without an international prefix that starts with the country code. For further details, check Wikipedia.

Every destination inside MOR should be in the E.164 format. That is one of the most important rules of MOR. If the destination is not in the E.164 format, it can't be billed correctly.

All DIDs in MOR should also be in this format. Do not include international prefixes for DIDs. Enter them in E.164 format.

In Australia, for instance, the local number 08 6311 3000 would be converted under E.164 to 61863113000. More information on how MOR works with E.164 can be found at Number Manipulation.

  • Country code: Number sequence from 1-3 digits
  • International prefix: Number sequence dialed before country code to dial to other country (Examples: 00, 001)
  • Local prefix: Number or number sequence to indicate that call is in the local country (Example: 8)
  • Local number: Number without international prefix and country code