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Subscription describes HOW MUCH, HOW (in what terms), for WHAT Service we will charge? And WHO will pay?


Go to ACCOUNTING –> Subscriptions:

M4 subscriptions.png

Here you can see the list of Subscriptions and create new Subscriptions.

M4 subscriptions list.png

Add New Subscriptions

Type: DID

M4 add new subscription.png

Type: Flat-Rate

M4 add new subscription flat rate.png

New Subscription

  • User - select a User.
  • Type - Subscription type.
    • DID - if a Subscription type is DID, then search DID to subscribe by Tags, DID number, or Destination.
    • Flat-Rate - if a Subscription type is Flat-Rate, then select Flat-Rate Plan from drop-down.
    • Custom Service - operation is analogous to the Flat-Rate type.
  • Discount - Subscription Discount. It will affect the Subscription Activation Fee and Periodic Fee prices for the User.
    • Activation Fee - Discount for Activation Fee only when One-Time Charge is selected.
    • Periodic Fee - Discount for Activation Fee and Periodic Fee when Periodic Charge is selected.
  • Activation date - Subscription Activation date. Billing starts from this date.
  • Start Date - date from when Subscription starts.
  • Finish Date - date when Subscription finishes.
  • DID Status on Finish Date - Available for Type DID subscriptions. Possible values are: Free, Blocked, Reserved, and Archived.
  • Until canceled? - it is also possible to set the Finish Date to Until canceled option. In this case, the Subscription will only end, when it is removed or the Finish Date option is changed to a specific date (except Until canceled).
  • Charge Plan - select Charge Plan. More information can be found here.

General Settings

  • Periodic Charge - user is charged periodically.
  • One-Time Charge - user is charged only once.
  • Charge Plan Name - Charge Plan Name.
  • Charge Plan Name visible to end user - Charge Plan Name visible to end user.
  • Description - Subscription description.

Period Settings

  • Period - the period can be in hours(s), day(s), month(s) or year(s).
  • Align to Customer Billing Period - set the period to the one that is set in User's Invoice Billing Period.
    • Full charge First Period (do not prorate) - charge the full amount on the first period. For example, if the Charge Plan price is 10 EUR, the period is monthly, and it has been applied on the 27th of May, with this option enabled, May will be charged for the full 10 EUR. With the option disabled May month will be charged for (31-27)/31 * 10 = 1.29 EUR.
    • Full charge Last Period (do not prorate) - same logic as above, but for Last Period.

Periodic Charge Settings

  • Try to renew in advance - hour(s) or days(s) in advance to try renewing Charge Plan for a User.
  • Try to renew for - hours(s) or days(s) which we will try to renew Charge Plan.
  • Apply subscription Charges: - how to apply subscription Charges. Available Options:
    • At the end of the Period.
    • In advance.
      • Periods in advance - how many periods charge in advance. Default: 1.
    • Progressively (every day).
  • Charge Suspended Customers - at the time of applying subscription Charges, should we charge a Suspended Customer (User). Default: No.
  • If balance insufficient:
    • Block User - yes or no.
    • Suspend Service - yes or no.
    • Charge Subscription - yes or no.

Note: Profit loss is possible if all three options are unchecked.

    • Send Email Notification to:
      • Admin
      • User

Activation Settings

  • Subscription is Activated - either on At the given start date or Upon the first usage.
  • If balance insufficient - either Allow activation or Deny activation.

Cancellation Settings

  • Minimum Subscription Period - a period in days/weeks/months/years for which Customer will be charged if a subscription is canceled earlier. Depends on the Period Settings.
  • Early Cancellation Penalty - Fixed or Remaining Subscription charges. Set the amount if fixed is selected.
  • Invoice Lina Name - name in Invoice for a subscription cancelation.


  • Issue credits for the days when: - select any combination (one, few, all, none) of the bellow:
    • The customer was blocked.
    • The service was suspended.
    • No funds were available.
  • Skip credits, charge in full: - select any combination (one, few, all, none) of the bellow:
    • For the first billing period.
    • For the regular billing periods.
    • For the last billing period.

Billing Settings

NOTE: Billing Settings in the Charge Plan are applied only to Flat Rate Plans and Custom Service Subscriptions. DID Billing Settings in the DID Subscription comes from DID Buying and Selling Pricing Groups.

In other words - Billing Settings in the Charge Plan will not be applied to the DID Subscriptions.

  • Settings From - Choose from where to apply Billing Settings. Options are DID Selling Pricing Group or Selected Charge Plan. Applies only to DID type Subscription. Based on Global Settings.
  • Currency - one of the active currencies in the system.
  • Activation Fee - fee for a Charge Plan activation.
    • Invoice Line Name - name in Invoice for a Activation Fee.
  • Periodic Fee - Periodic Charge Plan Fee.
    • Invoice Line Name - name in Invoice for a Periodic Fee.
  • Rounding Precision - rounding precision in decimals.
  • Rounding method - available options:
    • Up- round to higher value. If the precision is 2 decimals 5.371xxxxxx will be rounded to 5.38.
    • Down - round to lover value. If the precision is 2 decimals 5.379xxxxxx will be rounded to 5.37.
    • Round - round to nearest value using simple rounding logic. If precision is 2 decimals 5.355 will be rounded to 5.36, and 5.354 will be rounded to 5.35).

Edit Subscription

Same settings except you can disable or enable the Subscription by pressing Disable/Enable button.

M4 subs disable button.png M4 subs enable button.png M4 subs close button.png

Close Subscription

To close a subscription it is needed to choose Close Type, Close Date end change the Invoice Line name if needed.
If the Invoice Line name is not changed, the system will put the default name: Money return for closed subscription.
Close subscription.png

Enter the same window again to cancel closing the subscription.

Cancel close subscription.png

Refine Results

Refine Results allows filtering Subscriptions by selected parameters.


User, Period, Status, Service Name (support wildcard %), Activation Date, Finish Date.

M4 subs refine result.png

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