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Flat-Rate is a service type that allows a Client to dial a number of minutes to certain Destinations for a fixed amount.

After the user has used all his flat-rate minutes, all additional minutes could be charged at the normal rate.

Example Flat-Rate Plan: $5.00/month with 200 minutes to USA/Canada.

Flat-Rates Plans are available at Accounting –> Services –> Flat-Rate Plans page.

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To create a new service, press on ADD NEW FLAT-RATE PLAN.

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  • Name - name of Flat Service
  • Description - informational message about Flat-Rate (can be left empty)
  • Recommended charge plan - Charge plan in which the User will be charged for service subscription (excluding connection fees if any),
  • Minutes - how many minutes a user can call using this service,
  • Round by - how to round call duration (default by 1 second).
  • Base Tariff - this Tariff will be used when all minutes are spent.
    • The 'Tariff' option allows choosing any Tariff from the system.
    • 'OP Tariff' will use the Tariff assigned to the OP.
    • 'Do not use' - Calls will not pass after minutes are spent.
  • Discount on Call Rates - Percentage to be covered by flat-rate. If 100 is set, 100% of call rates will be covered.
  • Limit Max rate for Provider - Calls with a higher Provider Rate will be dropped
  • Notify Customer - Notify the customer when a set amount of minutes is used.
  • Email Template - Email template for notification
  • Action on Expiry - Action after service expiry. Possible options are: Terminate the call, Continue the call using a discount rate, or Continue the call using a base tariff.
  • Transfer to the next period max unused minutes - How many minutes to transfer to the next period? If 100 is set, but 300 minutes were not used, 100 minutes will be transferred. If 50 minutes were not used, 50 will be transferred.

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