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This Dialplan is avalaible only if you have a Callback Addon. It is useful to set some rules for callback calls.


An example can be seen in action in Callback setup example.

Ask for Card data after callback

This option only applies to Calling Card Callback.
You can ignore it if your Callback Dial Plan is not for Calling Cards.

Mark it to ask for Calling Card Number/PIN only after system calls back to the caller who initiated callback.
By default, the system asks for the caller to enter a Number/PIN at the point when he tries to initiate the callback.


CallerID for callback

This feature provides CallerID management for callback. The following options are available:

  • Enter custom CallerID for callback.
  • Leave field empty to send empty CallerID.
  • Enter * (star) which means that CallerID will be the original CallerID of the caller who initiated Callback.

Callback callerid.png

This function is useful when Providers check Destination and CallerID and block the call when they match. For example, without this function it is not possible to use Callback in the Telus Mobility network in USA/Canada.

Original CallerID for callback

You can enable setting to use an original CallerID. To do this:

  1. Create a CallBack Dial Plan
  2. Go to CallBack Dial Plan edit
  3. Enter * sign in a marked field:

Callback asterisk sign.png

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