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Blocked Rate blocks a route to particular Destinations. In Wholesale or Provider type Tariffs you are able to block a prefix (Destination) by setting "-1" or text "Blocked" instead of Price for chosen Destination.

Blocked Rates are useful when Provider does not support some Directions or Destinations. Some of Providers send a Rates Sheet with a word "Blocked" instead of Price, which means, that this Destination is blocked. MOR Rate import from CSV recognizes Blocked Rates by "-1" or text "Blocked" instead of Price.

Also it can help you if you want to forbid some Directions or Destinations for End Users by yourself.

NOTE Retail type Tariff does not support such functionality and Blocked Rates do not affect Flat-Rates.


Let's say we have Destination with Prefix 37062 and Price "blocked" (or -1). All calls to 37062******* will be blocked.

Blocked rate checkbox

Available from MOR X12 version. Functionality works in the same way as Blocked Rates. In a result, you would see rate and also it will be blocked.

MOR view:
Blocked rate.png

Block/Unblock Rates from CSV

It is possible to block/unblock rates from CSV file.

Please check how to import rates from CSV in MOR
At second step of Import you can choose a column for blocked or unblocked rates. Column values can be: block, blocked, unblock, unblocked.

Block rates csv.png

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