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This function is for customers who can dial an access number and enter their device PIN number in order to get a dial tone and enter a destination number. It is used in some countries to get cheaper calls abroad.

The algorithm for the Authorization by PIN dial plan is seen in the following image:

Auth by pin schema.png


The main steps to configure this functionality are:

  1. Create an appropriate Dial Plan.
  2. Assign a DID to this Dial Plan.


Go to SETTINGS -> Billing -> DIDs -> Dial Plans

Dialplan path.png

Here you can see list of all Dial Plans

DialPlan111.png DialPlan222.png

First, in the main Dial Plan window, click on Icon add.png New Dial Plan and enter values to create/edit an Authorization by PIN Dial Plan:


IMPORTANT! If you will check the Use ANI? field, it will create a different type of Dial Plan – Authorization by ANI.

  • Ask Number/PIN (times) – how many times the user can try to enter the PIN.
  • Ask destination (times) – how many times the user can try to enter the destination.
  • Tell balance before entering destination – allows, before destination is entered, user to hear his balance.
  • Tell balance after entering destination – allows, after destination is entered, user to hear his balance.
  • Save original CallerID – sometimes the CallerID of the original Caller is changed by the CallerID set in MOR. To see the real CallerID in CDR, it can be saved in the CallerID Name field.

Enable this setting if you want to save it:

Click on Icon add.png to create this dial plan. The first step is complete – we have created our dial plan:


To edit created Dial Plan, click on Icon edit.png icon in Dial Plans list page.

Assign DID to Dial Plan

Now we need to assign a DID to this Dial Plan. To do this, in the DIDs edit window we assign the selected DID to the Dial Plan:


NOTE: If you want to assign more than one DID you can use DID bulk management

In the main DIDs window we see that this DID is now pointing to our Dial Plan:


That's it. Very simple. Now, dialing 37063042439, we reach our Dial Plan. Here we hear a message that asks us to enter our device PIN. If the PIN is correct, we can dial the desired destination.

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