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By default, Accountants permissions are all disabled.

It is possible to allow them to make some changes to the system by changing their permissions.

Accountants belong to some Accountant Groups with different permissions.

This makes it possible to create separate Accountant types, such as:

  • Financial accountant - which can manage Tariffs/Rates, etc.
  • Network engineer - can manage Devices.
  • Network administrator - can manage Users.

... and so on. Many variations are possible.

  • Accountant can create other Accountants with additional permissions "Manage Users", "Create Users" and "User Type".

Accountant Groups

SETTINGS - Setup - Settings - Accountant permissions

Create groups by filling empty fields

Acc groups1.png

To change permissions you have to click on Icon edit.png and reach window like this:


After you select permissions which you need, go to create Accountants or edit their settings and assign them to an Accountant Permissions Group.

Acc groups3.png

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