Work flow for DID

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Technical explanation:

  1. Let's say a call comes through a certain Provider. The connection type is not important. So it could be PSTN/SIP/IAX2, or whatever.
  2. Call -> Provider -> PSTN/SIP/IAX2 -> your Asterisk.
  3. The call hits Dialplan [mor] exten => _X.,1, MOR:
  4. Call -> Provider -> PSTN/SIP/IAX2 -> your Asterisk -> MOR.
  5. MOR checks its database (DB) for the incoming DID. If it's found, MOR sees where to route the call. In the MOR GUI, you can select to route the DID to a special Dial Plan (CallBack, Calling Cards, Authorization by PIN/ANI) or to some local device.
  6. The local device in its Call Flow can forward the call to:
    1. VoiceMail.
    2. Another Local Device.
    3. An External Number.
  7. So summed up, MOR can forward a DID to:
    1. Dial Plan (CallBack, Calling Cards, Authorization by PIN, IVR).
    2. A Local Device.
    3. VoiceMail.
    4. An External Number.
  8. Call -> Provider -> PSTN/SIP/IAX2 -> DID -> Your Asterisk -> MOR -> (Dial Plan or Local Device, Voicemail, External Number) -> ...