Whitelisted IPs

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Whitelisted IPs can be used from Admin account and from Accountant account with Monitoring permissions enabled.

From Admin account, go to ADDONS -> Monitorings -> Whitelisted IPs to manage Whitelisted IPs.

An IP can be whitelisted by entering valid input values and by clicking the Whitelist icon.

The range of IPs can be added in a format like, which would result in multiple entries being created (,,, and

All the Whitelisted changes will be active in one minute after they have been applied. Country information (flag) can take up to one hour to appear.

Mor whitelist ips list.png

Comment can be added to Reason field. If Reason is not specified, then it will be set to "MOR-WHITELIST-GUI".

If the country, to which IP belongs, is blocked in Blocked Countries, but IP is added to Whitelisted IPs, it means that the whole country is blocked except that whitelisted IP.

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