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Load stats help to check and find how the server is loaded during a certain time period.

Statistics are shown from the date you specify till the current day, e.g. if you choose 28th of January and today is 31th of January, the graph will show statistics of four days.


Go to STATISTICS –> Calls –> Load Stats

Load stats path.png

And here you will see page:

Sim calls stats.png

Simultaneous Calls / min show how many answered calls were during 1 minute. If the call, for example, lasts 60 minutes, it will be shown all 60 minutes in graph.

Call Attempts / min show how many calls were trying to connect during 1 minute.


  • All – all calls.
  • Incoming – calls coming to system over DID.
  • Outgoing – calls made by devices connected to the system.
  • Mixed – calls that come to the system over DID and go out (mainly using ANI/PIN authentication or Calling Cards).

Provider – a provider that was used to send calls, not receive them.
Incoming Provider – a provider that was used to receive calls, not send them.

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