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Rounding in MOR GUI is done only when showing the final result.

Values are not rounded in the database. Why not? For example: 0.027 + 0.027 = 0.054. Rounded, this comes to 0.05. But if you are rounding each step, then you get: 0.03 + 0.03 = 0.06. This figure is not so accurate as 0.05.

Billsec rounding

Asterisk calculates real billsec in miliseconds and rounds up to the nearest value to seconds to get billsec.


Real billsec is 41.155338 but billsec is 42 seconds.

Why rounding is UP to the nearest integer?

Because it is common practice to round UP to the nearest integer in favor of our customers.

This statement came from long consultations with software developers for various industries, including telecommunications, accounting and banks.


As our clients are system owners who sell traffic/services to their clients, we, as system developers round in favor of our clients, not in favor of clients of our clients.

NOTE: rounding type can be changed in mor.conf file (billsec_round_function)