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First scenario (also called One Stage PIN)

Automatic Number Identification (ANI) for Provider is used ONLY (at least we don't know any other situations) when the provider gives you an access number after which (IMPORTANT!) the dialer enters the destination number WITHOUT PAUSES, so that the WHOLE number is sent to the provider instantly.

For example:

  • Let's say the provider gives you the access number 1234.
  • When somebody wants to dial a destination (let's say 22234567890), he enters on his phone: 123422234567890.
  • 22234567890 comes from the provider to your MOR box.
  • Because the provider is with ANI, we check the user's CLI.
  • If CLI is found, we know which user is dialing.
  • Before he dials out, we change the CallerID of this call to the CallerID found in our database - that's a minor job, but it's part of the algorithm.
  • After that, the call is sent to 22234567890.

IMPORTANT!!! - Do not check ANI for Provider if this description does not match your working scenario!

Similar scenario which can't be used with ANI for Provider

If you have an access number as DID, you can enter p (pause) after your DID when calling the provider and then enter the destination. But that is a totally different scenario. It should be configured with DID + Auth. by ANI DialPlan, because the destination is sent to MOR by DTMF, not by the provider as in the previous example.


If your DID is 234567890 and you want to dial dst: 987654321 on (for example) your mobile phone, you enter:


That way the call will reach MOR. When p (pause) is reached, MOR will play "Please enter destination" and 987654321 will be sent by DTMF to MOR.

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