Privacy to hide Destination ends

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This functionality is required by Italian law, which states that the last three digits of Destinations (Numbers dialed by User) should be hidden if the User requests it. However, they should not be hidden by default in Italy.

The law making this requirement can be read at here. The English translation is here.

In MOR it is possible to set up Global settings for hiding Destination ends that are applied to all Users by default, or to set up per User if a User requests that his destinations should not be hidden.

Destinations are hidden only for Users and Resellers. Destinations are not hidden for Admin.

It is possible to hide Destinations in three places:

  • GUI - what users see on the monitor.
  • CSV - in CSV file reports.
  • PDF - in PDF invoices/reports.

Global Settings

In SETTINGS –> Setup –> Settings –> Privacy, it is possible to set Global settings for all Users that will be used by default:

Global privacy.png

Per User settings

In Users details, set to use Global settings or select different settings just for this User:

Per user privacy.png

How it looks

When Destination is set to be hidden, it looks like this:

Privacy looks.png

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