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The pricing of Kolmisoft softswitches depends on these factors.


Which product are you interested in? We have two main products:

  • MOR - Class 5 Softswitch for retail, SIP trunking, virtual PBX, wholesale and other voice business models.
  • M4 SBC - Class 4 Softswitch for wholesale transit and selling traffic to call centers.

Check which one is a better fit for you in MOR vs M4 SBC comparison table.


Which add-ons do you need?

An add-on is an additional module that supplements the main functionality of Kolmisoft softswitches.

Check what add-ons are available:

Hosted vs On-premise

Do you want to use your server or are you looking for a hosted softswitch?

  • If you have experience with server hosting and hardware management, use your server (see hardware recommendations).
  • If you want to focus on your business and delegate server management to Kolmisoft, use a hosted sofstwitch.

If you decide to use your server, you can use a monthly rental subscription or purchase a permanent license.

Traffic volume (concurrent calls)

How many concurrent calls do you need?

For small traffic (up to 10 concurrent calls) you can download MOR 10cc Version.

For higher traffic, you can use an economical single-server solution or more advanced multi-server deployments.

The system performance in ideal conditions (no extensive GUI usage and no transcoding):

Get pricing

Want to know approximate pricing? Requested the pricing here.

Want to get exact pricing based on your requirements? Please contact us.